General Rules for Admission

  • 1. Minimum age for admission is 6 year.
  • 2. Admission to the Academy is open to all persons irrespective of caste,creed or religion.
  • 3. All fees are payable in advance by the lOth day of every month. A late fee of Rs.1OO/- is payable after the I oth and till the end ofthe month.
  • 4. Students are required to keep the fee- receipts for records.
  • 5. Attendance is strictly enforced and students are required to attend regular classes.
  • 6. In case of unavoidable circumstances, teacher of any class can be changed during the course of annual study.
  • 7. In the absence of a class teacher for a short period, arrangements will be made to provide a substitute teacher during that time.
  • 8. No persons other than students of the Academy are allowed inside the classrooms without the permission ofthe Principal.
  • 9. Use of mobile phone is not allowed during class hours. It has to be kept on a silent or switch off mode.
  • 1O. Personal belongings have to be guarded by the students themselves. The Institution or its staff will not be held responsible for any loss.
  • 11. The bag for vocal/ Instrumental class should contain Notebook, Pen/ Pencil etc.
  • 12. Music training demands sincerity and hardwork, and there are no shortcuts or easy fame. Parents are requested not to pressurize the teachers or Academy officials to have their ward included in Choirs, performing troups. Since such selections are based purely on merit.
  • 13. Students are requested to participate in the cultural programs presented or functions organised by the Academy.
  • 14. Students are advised to read the notice board regularly.
  • 15. There are Monthly administrative charges for December & January.

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